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A new Chinese policy imposes the purchase of all electricity from renewable sources. This stands among China’s most influential decisions relating to the environment in recent years.

Harsh criticisms on their environmental policy only drives China’s Government to consider emissions reductions. A strained reliance on coal and mammoth economic incentives, however, compels this type of expansive, progressive legislation. China’s coal consumption continues to grow while production plateaus. Still, it remains the cheapest energy source.

What China’s Government did was simple. They increased demand of renewable energy to 100 percent. Supply must then increase. They improve their environmental impact and require their renewable energy sector to expand. Alongside government subsidies on renewable energy, this is the only way to challenge coal’s price. It is obviously not perfect. Quality remains a concern. With this incredible incentive to produce renewable energy, the sector could grow too fast and produce poor products.

While the US can brag about freedom and democracy, our government could never pass this level of monumental legislation. In China, it happens quickly and impacts every region.

The ideal for Americans is that our innovation triumphs. Ideas that are designed and copyrighted in the US can be produced overseas in China at a cheaper cost. Win-win. Unfortunately, stagnant governmental efforts on clean energy delay the US’s capabilities. Furthermore, it fails to inspire job growth in this country. We must accept and utilize China’s capacity, and work with them instead of treating them like our rival.


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